August 4, 2012

Angeal Hewley from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Now it's Angeal's time!

Outfits view in CAS
SOLDIER 1st class Angeal!
Banora white tree
Picking up "dumbapples" :)
Sexy cook :P
Oh, it's dumbapple soup! XD
Playing with Zack puppy 
Zack puppy is too adorable >w<
Mako eyes

Custom content and mods I've used:

Awesomemod by Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus or MasterControler by Twallan for increasing the range     and number of sliders (choose only one of the two mods)
Chin to neck line mod by Heiret
CAS sliders by bella3lek4
Nice (barbie version) or naughty (non-barbie version) by LadyFrontbum
- Oh-My-Eyes contacts by escand
Lipgloss N29A by S-Club Priveé
- Beard6 by Simple Life
Casual clothes by namama
Buster Sword by CloudwalkerNZ *New version by me here*
- Slimmed T-shirt (mesh) and baseball shirt by AikeaGuinea



Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I've installed everything on the list but Angeal has pitch black skin!?

DarkWitchVampire said...

That always happens whith downloaded sims who wear a non-default custom skin.
If I remember rigth you just have to select him in CAS, change his skin to one of EA's and then change it back to the custom skin :)

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