September 16, 2012

Genesis Rhapsodos from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Outfits view in CAS
Reading Loveless
Is not yet time for slumber
Dumbapples lover
Under the apple tree
Face close view
Red leather
The Gift of the Goddess
At SOLDIER headquarters

Custom content and mods I've used:

Awesomemod by Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus or MasterControler by Twallan for increasing the range     and number of sliders (choose only one of the two mods)
Chin to neck line mod by Heiret
CAS sliders by bella3lek4
Skin FV2 by Ephemera
Hair by Man
- Oh-My-Eyes contacts by escand
Brows by Arisuka
Crystal Lipstick N9 by Lemonleaf
Earrings by S-Club Priveé
Tennis by arjannl
- Clothes by EA